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We chose All Things New because we trust the source. We always purchase our summer camp curriculum from Chalice press. We know that if Chalice press carries it then it is a meaningful Christian based circular we can teach our children with. All Things New is so well written from staff training down to the very last detail. If you had never had a summer camp, you could provide an excellent one with this curriculum. The DVD includes everything you need based on a daily scripture from small group study to games and activities all geared for every age group. It makes God real to the younger children by showing them God around them in nature that they can see and feel. And for the older children it shows them they can have a personal relationship with God.
— Joan Hale, Christian Church in Tennessee (Disciples of Christ)We began using the curriculum, then New Earth, in 2005. We have used it every summer since then. The curriculum, frankly, makes it easier on us! Instead of taking so much time to come up with something ourselves for bible study, worship, and activities, it does it for us. We have been happy with the content and have thought the themes were very well received at our camp. There are so many activities to choose from for each day. There have been some great supplemental resources each year, such as suggested songs, books, games, service projects, staff training materials, nature activities and more. Our campers and staff really get excited each year to find out what the theme will be! Thank you for putting together such a great product to help us in our camping ministry!
— Allyson Ashmore, Camp Hopewell, Oxford, MS


Camp Horizon chooses InsideOut curriculum every year because we know we will be getting quality material. Our two favorite aspects of the curriculum is the different perspectives it brings for children of different ages and for campers with different learning styles.
— Joel Wilke, Camp Horizon, Arkansas City, AR
We wanted to let you know that our staff and volunteers have all greatly enjoyed the fresh life you have breathed into the camping ministry through your curriculum’s presentation of the Word of God; thank you!
— Shepherd’s Spring Outdoor Ministry Center, Sharpsburg, MD
Top-notch experiential learning, flexible plans, inclusive language, fun, 100% summer camp oriented, theologically sound, professionally presented and very convenient for any busy camp staff person… THIS is why we purchased All Things New for summer 2013. However, when the Christian educators in our Presbyteries began reviewing the curriculum for the traveling day camp program that comes to their churches, their praises sounded out even stronger than ours! Hallelujah!
— Elise Bates Russell, Clearwater Forest Camp and Retreat Center, Deerwood, MN
When we look for camp resources we choose InsideOut for the most comprehensive, age-appropriate, flexible, and compact source out there! We involve over 200 volunteers in five locations so it’s important to have a common base from which we’re all working, and All Things New from InsideOut! fits our organization perfectly.
— Lisa Jean Hoefner, Camp & Retreat Ministries of Oregon & Idaho
I chose the All Things New curriculum, initially, because it was fresh and new. But, after receiving the curriculum, I appreciate the way it is organized with the easy-to-see-at-a-glance icons for activities, and I love the extras! I appreciate the attention paid to worship resources, as well.
— Tonja Gerardy, Christian Church in Indiana (Disciples of Christ)
We have just finished our books to use for Camp 2013. There are lots of good ideas included. We have used Christian Outdoor Ministries now for several years now and have always been satisfied in the past. Our camp does not begin until June 16th but we fully expect our leaders and campers to be very pleased again. Thanks for focusing on outdoor ministries. Purchasing the InsideOut product to use in our summer camps for the next 3 years is a no-brainer.
— Janet Kennerly, Missionary Methodist Youth Society
We chose All Things New because that is what God is all about. His mercies are new every morning (hum a few bars here) and we can watch the newness in everything around us at camp.
— Duane Skene, Camp Greenwood, Gowen, MI
The InsideOut curriculum is fabulous! The organization by age group, with specific activities, makes leading camp a breeze. We used the new table talk questions; and found them very engaging, especially with our inter-generational camps. Thanks for providing such an outstanding camp curriculum at an affordable cost!
— Ann Graham, Pilgrim Heights Camp and Retreat Center, Montour, IA
I enjoy using InsideOut curriculum because it saves me time and energy. Everything is there for our staff, it has game ideas, crafts, worship, lessons. Our staff can read more of the back story to have a greater understanding of the scriptures they are teaching/leading. Thanks for putting together a quality resource for us!
— Derek Bergman, Camp Fontanelle, Nickerson, NE