NOW AVAILABLE! Linked by Love, the new 2024 InsideOut curriculum!

How it Works

Church camp leaders may find themselves acting as educator, guidance counselor, maintenance person, mentor, or song leader—sometimes all at the same time. You are also the embodiment of Christ Jesus to others longing to know God’s love. This can feel overwhelming, but as people of God we know that our great responsibility is matched by an even greater potential. The Spirit will guide you, your staff, and the campers in your work while the prayers of many cheer you on.


For this work you need to have the skills of a teacher, the comfort of a parent, and the wisdom of an elder. This curriculum is here to support you in that work. You will find in the pages ahead biblical theology done by scholars (who are also camp leaders), activities designed to help you share the Bible stories, games and projects that reinforce ideas and skills, and a whole lot of fun!


What is Included

Each year we produce a unique product that has 5 age groups of activities which provide about 2 hours of faith formation content ever day. You also receive 7 days of worship resources with special sections for youth and children or intergenerational campers. Beyond the formation and worship sections, InsideOut includes crafts, games, science and nature, challenge course, and multi-day project resources.


You don’t have to be a Bible scholar or pastor to talk about your faith. We hope staff will be part of the conversation with campers so everyone can grow, and we want staff feel less anxious about leading the conversation. Specifically, for staff, we provide overviews of the scripture and themes, along with daily devotions. There are even some quick videos for those who come on board late or learn better by listening.


On top of these resources you will find “Table Talk” (table tents) with questions for meal-time, recommendations for books, movies, and songs that support the theme, art files for marketing and t-shirts, and suggestions for how to adapt the themes for shorter weeks of camp.


Digital Extras

Here are some of the extras social media has allowed us to start providing with our newer products:

  • Spotify Playlists for before, during, and after camp
  • Facebook Group for questions and sharing ideas
  • Take-home work sheets with activities and prayers for the whole family
  • Downloadable resource packet for local congregations
  • Pinterest Page for extra crafty ideas


Content Foundations

The goals and expectations for faith formation at camp are different from program to program, and different campers have very different needs. InsideOut is intentional in covering a wide breadth of scripture that includes Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and New Testament passages. We also know that some campers are ready to diver deeper into familiar stories while others are hearing them for the first time. InsideOut provides activities that allow campers to engage the story, however they encounter it, and share their experiences of God together.


There is something special about being in the outdoors and living in community. We know that whatever curriculum is used, creation and community are partners in teaching. Our activities are designed to push campers to explore both and reflect on how God is speaking to them. Daily Activities and Daily Worship sections of the curriculum can be done just about anywhere but the assume you are outside!