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Bonus Camp Activities

    Community Building and Recreation
    Group Covenants
    Describe Your Name
    Name Jumble
    Name Puzzle
    Name Juggle
    Circle of Introductions
    Make an Appointment
    Breakthrough Exercise
    Mime Game
    Sock Game
    “A What?”
    Human Maze

    Creative Arts
    African Mud Painting
    Write Concrete Poems
    Create a Mural with Feet
    Perform a Modern-Day Parable
    Make a Transformed Collage
    Make a Fresco Painting
    Retell the Story
    Search for the Face of God
    Create Yarn Pictures
    Make a Comic Strip
    Create Monoprints
    Compose a Rhythmic Retelling
    Build a Nature Sculpture
    Make Invitations
    Create a Faith Tapestry

    Nature Study and Creation Care
    Discover Trees
    Collect Trash
    Make a Natural Mobile
    Make a Shopping Bag
    Hike with Purpose
    Travel to God Places
    Be a Neighbor of Creation
    Create a Commercial about Creation Care
    Take a Bent-over Nature Walk

    Spiritual Practices
    Breath Prayer
    Centering Prayer
    Lectio Divina
    Gaze into Nature
    Praying the Daily Office

    Outreach and Mission
    Greet One Another in Many Languages
    Think about Our Global Connections
    Thank Camp Staff
    Connect with the Community
    Share Your Camp Experience
    Encourage Mission at the Camp Store
    Share Your Gifts Day
    Invite a Missionary
    Hear about Ministry
    Learn about Fair Trade Products
    Find Out about Green Energy


    Peace Works Partner Packet - activities that a family or congregation can do together.