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For Counselors

Advice for Counselors

 Some camps are led by gifted paid staff. Others are reliant on devoted volunteers who share their faith and wisdom. Either way, it is a sacred trust and a life-changing experience.


Here is some advice from some old pros:


“Be yourself and let God work through you.”

                        -Christy, Bakersfield, CA


“Don’t stress the small stuff, because it will always work out in God’s way!”

                        -Deanna, Williamstown, KY


“Bring your own coffee”

                        -Danny, Sandy Springs, GA


“Be open to the ways one week or one summer can change your whole might someday find yourself making a career of it!”

                        -Emma-Claire, Philadelphia, PA


“Your job is to facilitate the conversation, not dominate it. There is a time to add your knowledge and experience to the dialogue, but it is important for youth to come to their own understanding.”

                        -Holly, Danville, IN


“Remind your campers that everyone poops and if they don't go all week, then a tummy ache is guaranteed!”

                        -Brook, Corpus Christi TX


“Showing up is the most important thing. Camp is a ministry of presence, and as much as the details can make the week special, what really matters is being together, being community, and letting the kids know they are loved.”

                        -Erin, Louisville, KY


“Be with the campers. Sit on the floor with them, hang out at free time with them. Sit at the dining table with them. Be present with them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Pray with them. Encourage them. Empower them. Celebrate them. Be present with them.”

                        -Allison, Fort Worth, TX


“Set boundaries! Campers might not show it, but they really like and seek structure. Boundaries help reinforce camp is a safe place! Once you create a safe place, that is where real growth and transformation can happen.”

                        -Emily Scott, Independence, MO


“Not every camper is going to click with you, and that is OK. Be authentic and open, and the right campers will connect. If you are a jock, be a jock; if you’re a nerd, be nerdy; a bookworm, let them see you read. Be open with your skills, hobbies, and passions. You may ignite a spark inside someone.”

                        -Mark, Omaha, NE