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For Campers

Advice from Campers


If you have never been to camp before, we hope you have a life-changing experience. Those of us who have been campers know there is a bond among those who have been to camp based on common experience that is almost impossible to put into words. Some of us were excited to head up a mountain or into the woods. Others were packed and sent by parents who trusted it would be a good thing. From generation to generation, we share the struggle of putting an experience of creation and community into words. Much like God, camp is such a big experience it can be hard to wrap our brains around. So here is some advice from more recent campers as you prepare for your own camp experience.


“Make new friends – they might understand things your friends at home do not.” - Garrett,  15


“Take advantage of every opportunity you can. Make lots of friends. Be yourself and have fun!” - Robert, 18